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How do Super Bowl futures work?

Super Bowl futures enable you to wager on which team you think will go on to win the biggest game in the NFL. Super Bowl futures odds are typically first made available within hours of the completion of the most recent Super Bowl game, and are available for wagering right up until the date of the next Super Bowl.

Of course, Super Bowl futures odds are subject to dramatic changes. Factors that can influence the odds include player moves made by teams during the offseason, and a team’s performance and injuries during the regular season. That makes shopping around for the best odds even more important, particularly during the offseason and early in the regular season when odds can fluctuate wildly and create great opportunities to make value bets.

Futures betting is not limited to the Super Bowl. You can also take advantage of futures betting on which teams will win their respective divisions, and which teams will emerge as conference champions. Player-focused futures allow you to bet on which players will win individual awards like the NFL MVP, Offensive and Defensive Players of the Year, and Rookie of the Year.

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Popular Super Bowl futures

Conference futures

Each year, the winning teams from each of the NFL’s two conferences square off in the Super Bowl. With so much on the line in the battle for the AFC and NFC conference titles, NFL conference futures have gained in popularity.

Just like with Super Bowl futures, conference futures enable you to bet on which teams will win the AFC and NFC championships. Odds are typically published in the preseason, and are subject to change based on factors like team performance and injuries.

Conference champions are determined by three rounds of playoff action. Seven teams from each conference qualify for the NFL playoffs - the winners of each of the four divisions, and the three non-division teams with the best regular season record. Teams are seeded based on their win/loss record, with the top seeded team enjoying a bye on Wild Card Weekend and the remaining six facing off in single elimination games.

The three winners from Wild Card Weekend along with the top seed then face off on Divisional Playoff Weekend, with the two remaining teams then battling for the conference championship the week after. Throughout this whole process, betting is available on NFL conference futures.

Super Bowl correct matchup futures

Super Bowl correct matchup futures allow you to add a layer of complexity to your NFL betting strategy. While Super Bowl futures allow you to bet on which team win the big game, correct matchup futures enable you to bet on which two teams will meet in the Super Bowl, regardless of who wins.

Here is an example of a Super Bowl correct matchup bet:

Super Bowl: Correct matchup


Los Angeles Rams vs. Cincinnati Bengals


In the example above, you can wager on the Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals advancing to the Super Bowl by winning the NFC championship and AFC championship respectively. The payout is determined by moneyline odds and in this case, a successful $100 bet will have a payout of $400, including $300 profit.

Correct matchup futures offer more value than backing individual teams to win their respective conference with single futures bets, but because you’re backing two specific outcomes in the same bet, the chances of success are smaller.

Super Bowl straight forecast futures

A straight forecast bet requires you to predict who will finish first and second in an event. Therefore, for the Super Bowl, straight forecast futures enable you to bet on both the exact matchup in the Super Bowl and which team will win the big game.

Given the increased difficulty associated with this bet type, payouts are higher than when simply picking a winner or a correct matchup.

Here is an example of a Super Bowl straight forecast bet:

Super Bowl: Straight forecast


Tampa Bay Buccaneers to beat San Francisco 49ers


As you can see in the above example, this market essentially requires you to make two futures predictions in one. Therefore, if you are confident as to not only which team will win the Super Bowl but also who they will beat within it before the two teams have even been confirmed, this can be considerably more profitable than waiting to wager a Super Bowl moneyline bet.

However, there is much more risk and difficulty in this market then simply predicting the Super Bowl winner on the day of the game.

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