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How does NFL betting work?

The NFL has rapidly evolved into the most popular league in the world for sports bettors. According to industry estimates, over $100 billion USD is bet on the NFL every year around the world, with the Super Bowl alone attracting in excess of $12 billion USD of betting activity.  

The NFL has gained such wide popularity for a number of reasons. With a regular season lasting just 17 games, every game can have a significant impact on the season. As the old saying goes, any team can win on any given Sunday. The nature of scoring in football makes it particularly attractive to bet on, with different methods of scoring generating anywhere from one to six points. 

With players dedicated to playing very specific roles on offense or defense, sports bettors enjoy a unique opportunity to wager on individual player performances. With a relatively short season compared to major sports like baseball, basketball, and hockey, there are no “dog days” during the NFL season. A single victory or loss can turn a team’s fortunes on its head and shake up the odds, creating constant opportunities for sports bettors. 

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The best NFL sportsbooks


What odds can you get on the NFL?

The most popular NFL betting options can be found among the game line odds. Moneyline, point spreads, and total or over/under are among the most popular NFL betting markets. With moneyline wagering, you can bet on which team will emerge as the outright winner of a game. Point spreads enable you to wager on how many points a team will win or lose by, and totals (also known as over/under betting) lets you bet on whether the total number of points scored by both teams in a single game will be higher or lower than the number set by sportsbooks.

It doesn’t end there. We can bet beyond the score with prop betting and futures betting, too. With prop betting, you can wager on the performances of individual teams and players over the course of a game, or an entire season. Futures betting lets bettors wager on team and player success, with odds on markets such as which team will win the Super Bowl or which player will be named NFL MVP.

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NFL betting tips

Compare the odds

This is the most obvious place to start. Check which sportsbook is offering the best odds for the market you’re interested in. If you feel they are over or undervaluing something, this can represent a chance to find value in the odds. 

Offensive and defensive performances

When betting on a game, you should always review both teams’ recent offensive and defensive stats. This can help inform total or over/under bets, as well as any points-focused prop bets.

Read the injury reports

It is much easier to assess a team’s chances of winning a game if you know who will be playing in it. Injuries in key positions can easily diminish the overall strength of a team and move a favourite into an underdog.

Check the weather

NFL games can be influenced by the weather conditions. Rainy and/or windy conditions may force teams to abandon the pass game and take a run-heavy approach, which can heavily influence a over/under bet.


When betting on a game, look at the recent results between the two teams. It may be the case that one team is considered worse than the other but has a tendency to beat them when they play, particularly if they are divisional rivals.

Rest days

Bettors need to take into account rest days before placing a wager. If a team is coming off a Sunday afternoon game and plays in the prime-time slot on Thursday, it might be an edge to consider.

NFL games today

With as many as 13 games on the schedule, Sunday afternoons provide an ample opportunity to get in on NFL betting action.

There is also plenty to take in during the week and in prime time thanks to the massive popularity of Thursday Night Football, Sunday Night Football, and Monday Night Football. 

With so many games scheduled simultaneously and the playoffs and Super Bowl to also look forward to, you can count on BET.CA to provide you with all the latest odds, trends, stats, and breaking news you need to make the smartest and most profitable football betting decisions.

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Los Angeles Rams

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Super Bowl

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Aaron Rodgers

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