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How do UFC odds work?

Betting on UFC fights is as close to a two-horse race as you’ll find in sport. Fights are booked by the UFC’s matchmakers in order to produce the closest and most well-matched bouts, with the best fighters facing off for the biggest prize in mixed martial arts: a UFC championship.

Popular UFC betting markets include the moneyline, which is a simple bet on which fighter will win a bout, or the total or over/under, which allows you to predict how many rounds a fight will last for.

Many sportsbooks also offer prop markets for UFC fights, such as whether the bout will last the distance and the method of victory.

UFC odds are determined by a variety of factors, most notably a fighter’s recent form and results, both fighters’ style and approach, anything which came to light at the weigh-in, and who or what other bettors are wagering on.

You can also bet on UFC futures to predict who will become the champion in a specific division, including by a certain date.

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Popular UFC bets

UFC moneyline odds

The most straightforward bet you can place on a UFC fight is on the moneyline. All you have to do is pick which fighter will win a given bout. As draws are incredibly rare in the UFC and most fights are competitively matched, the moneyline odds can often be quite close.

However, sometimes a clear favorite emerges, which offers the opportunity to back the underdog at favorable odds if you rate their chances of victory. Here’s an example of a moneyline market for a UFC bout:



Israel Adesanya


Alex Pereira


In this instance, if you placed a $100 moneyline bet on the favorite Israel Adesanya to win, you would win $60.60 profit on a successful bet for a total payout of $160.60. Alternatively, if you placed a $100 moneyline bet on the underdog Alex Pereira, you would get a total payout of $235 (your $100 bet plus $135 profit) if they won.

While the moneyline is one of the simplest markets available for UFC betting, it can regularly present opportunities to get value from the odds. Keep an eye out for underdogs who you feel sportsbooks (and other bettors) have undervalued.

UFC total or over/under odds

UFC totals markets almost exclusively deal with how long a fight will last in rounds. UFC bouts are contested over three five-minute rounds, with main-event fights and championship bouts held over five five-minute rounds. This format lends itself perfectly to over/under betting, with sportsbooks setting their odds on how long a bout will last, offering bettors the opportunity to wager on whether a fight will finish before or after the oddsmaker’s chosen mark (often set to a .5 margin).

Some sportsbooks will offer odds on different over/under marks with differing odds, depending on where the line sits. Here’s an example of a UFC totals market for a five-round championship fight:

Total rounds















In this instance, a successful $100 bet on the fight to have under 2.5 rounds would have a payout of $133.30 (your $100 wager plus $33.30 profit). A correct $100 wager on the bout to last over 4.5 rounds would pay out $237 (your $100 bet plus $137 profit).

UFC parlay bets

Parlays are among the most popular ways to bet for UFC fans, who can choose their winners for a number of fights at an event, and then combine their selections into one bet at enhanced odds for a chance of a big payout if their fighters all win.

As per betting on other sports, UFC parlays reward larger payouts than if the selections within them were placed as individual wagers, albeit with the condition that every selection must come in for the bet to win. Here’s an example of a UFC parlay bet:



Leon Edwards to defeat Kamaru Usman


Paulo Costa to defeat Luke Rockhold


Merab Dvalishvili to defeat Jose Aldo


Marcin Tybura to defeat Alexandr Romanov


Tyson Pedro to defeat Harry Hunsucker


Five-selection parlay odds


A successful $100 parlay bet on the above fights would return a massive $3,819.69 (a total profit of $3,719.69). By contrast, if the five selections in the parlay were all placed as individual $100 bets, the total potential profit would only be $510.90.

UFC parlays can be placed across a range of different fights as in the above example, or with selections on different markets for the same bout (for instance, the winning fighter, total or over/under number of rounds, and method of victory).

UFC prop bets

UFC prop betting is a popular way to enhance your fight night experience, that allows you to wager on exciting markets aside from the most common and popular. These can be worth considering if you feel a certain fight is too close to call, but still want to get involved with the action.

While the props available for a UFC fight will vary among sportsbooks, they are often made available for various aspects of a bout not directly linked to the final result, such as which round a fight will finish in and whether a fight will go the distance or not. Here’s an example of the latter for a UFC event:

Fight to go the distance



Ciryl Gane vs. Tai Tuivasa



In this example, if you wagered $100 on the fight to last the full duration and it did, you would win $275 (your $100 wager with a $175 profit). Conversely, a successful $100 wager on the fight not to run the distance would earn $140 (a profit of $40).

Betting on UFC futures

As the UFC does not follow a regular season, UFC futures betting primarily involves wagering on the moneyline market for a championship fight. However, you can also bet on futures markets to predict who will be the champion in a specified division by a certain date.

Some sportsbooks may also offer special futures-focused UFC prop bets at different times of the year. Find out more in our UFC futures guide.

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