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How do NCAAB odds work?

Odds are available for multiple markets for every NCAA basketball game. In the American odds format, they are listed as a number preceded by a plus (+) or minus (-) sign.

Odds with a minus sign are negative odds, meaning the amount indicates how much money you must wager in order to win a $100 profit. For example, if the North Carolina Tar Heels are -150 to win their next game, you'll need to bet $150 on them to earn $250 (your $150 stake plus $100 profit).

Odds with a plus sign are positive odds, meaning the amount indicates how much money you will win for every $100 you wager. For example, if the Arizona Wildcats are +200 to win their next game, a $100 bet on them would yield a $200 profit plus your original $100 bet, for a total payout of $300.

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The best NCAAB sportsbooks


Popular NCAAB bets

The most popular betting lines for college basketball games are the moneyline, point spread, total or over/under, parlays, and prop bets. You can learn more about each of these in more detail below.

NCAAB moneyline odds

The moneyline is a fundamental yet straightforward betting market in college basketball that allows bettors to predict which team will win a game outright. Moneyline odds are set for games based on each team's implied likelihood of winning. NCAA basketball teams aren't always well-balanced, with some colleges vastly outperforming others. As a result, the sportsbook’s assessment of both teams’ possibility of winning will be reflected in their moneyline odds.

Sportsbooks available in Canada most often display moneyline odds in the American format. American odds indicate one team as the favorite (represented by a number preceded by a - sign) and one as the underdog (a number preceded by a + sign). Here is an example of moneyline odds for a NCAAB game:



North Carolina Tar Heels


Duke Blue Devils


In this example, the North Carolina Tar Heels are favored on the moneyline at -145, which means you would have to wager $145 for a profit for $100 (a total payout of $245). In contrast, the Duke Blue Devils are listed as the underdog at +125, meaning a $100 bet would net you $125 profit for a total payout of $225.

NCAAB point spread odds

A NCAAB point spread bet is a wager on whether a college basketball team will win or lose a match by a margin set by the sportsbook. Sportsbooks evaluate both teams in the game, taking into account their strengths, weaknesses, and other factors like injuries, before calculating a point spread for the game.

Favorites are assigned negative point spreads, meaning they must win by more than the spread for the bet to win, while underdogs have positive point spreads, meaning they must lose by less than spread (or win the game) for the bet to win. Here is an example of point spread odds for a NCAAB game:

Team and point spread


UCLA Bruins, -5.5


Michigan Wolverines, +5.5


In this example, the Bruins would have to beat the Wolverines by at least six points for bettors on UCLA at -5.5 to be paid out. Meanwhile, Michigan would need either to win the game outright or lose by five points or fewer for bets on them at +5.5 to win.

Most point spread bets on the favorite or underdog alike are priced at -110, meaning that if you place a $100 bet, it would return $190.90 (your initial $100 stake plus $90.90 profit).

NCAAB total or over/under odds

Total bets, also known as over/under bets, are one of the most popular basketball betting markets. Sportsbooks evaluate college basketball matchups, looking at both teams’ offense and defense, and assign a total representing the total number of points they think the two teams will score between them in the game. Bettors then wager on whether they think the total number of points will be over or under the sportsbook’s prediction.

Here is an example of total or over/under odds for a NCAAB game:

Total points


Over 135.5 points


Under 135.5 points


In this example, the over will win if there are 136 points or more in the game, while the under will win if there are 135 points or fewer. In both cases, the odds are priced at -110, meaning a winning $100 bet would have a payout of $190.90 (your initial $100 stake plus $90.90 profit).

NCAAB parlay odds

An NCAA basketball parlay is a bet comprised of two or more selections on college basketball games. You can place a same game parlay (multiple selections from one game) or alternatively, selections from across different games. For instance, your bet can include the moneyline from one game, the total or over/under from another, and the point spread from a third game, all in one bet. If all of your selections come in, then the bet wins, but if at least one of them doesn’t, then the bet loses.

The advantage to parlays is that the payout is higher than if you placed every selection as an individual bet. However, the disadvantage is because more than one thing needs to happen for your bet to win, it is more likely to lose. Nevertheless, college basketball parlays remain popular because they provide the opportunity to win a significant payout in accordance to the stake you place.

Here is an example of a parlay bet on NCAA basketball:



Duke Blue Devils -6.5


St. Peters Peacocks +8.5


Gonzaga Bulldogs at Arkansas Razorbacks: Under 155.5 points


North Carolina Tar Heels to win


Four-way parlay odds


A successful $100 wager in this example would pay out $927.72 (your initial $100 bet plus $827.72 profit), compared to a total profit of $303.30 if you placed these four selections as individual $100 bets.

Betting on NCAAB futures

With college basketball futures betting, you can bet on things such as which team will win competitions including March Madness, or which player will win the Wooden Award.

NCAA basketball futures are available to bet on both before and during the season. There are plenty of options to bet on beyond the most popular markets, such as conference tournament champions, the over/under on a team's tournament seeding, or the winner of college basketball's yearly honors, such as the Naismith College Player of the Year Award.

Similarly to futures markets in other sports and leagues, NCAAB futures odds can change throughout the season depending on teams and players’ performances. The key to getting good value from these markets is therefore timing your bets correctly.

You can learn more about NCAAB futures with BET.CA.

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NCAAB prop bets

NCAAB prop bets allow you to wager on nearly anything that can happen during a college basketball game that isn’t directly linked to the final result. This can vary from the first team to commit a turnover, to the total number of points an individual player will score in a game. The prop markets available for a college basketball game will vary between sportsbooks depending on what they decide to offer lines for.

The most common NCAAB player prop bets are based on particular stats, so you can wager on props like the over/under on a player's total points scored, assists, and rebounds etc. Popular college basketball team prop bets include wagers like the first team to score 50 points, the last team to score in the game, and which team will commit more turnovers.


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