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How do MLS odds work?

Along with the league itself, betting on Major League Soccer (MLS) is becoming increasingly popular. This is largely because Canada’s best sportsbooks offer multiple markets for every single match of the MLS season, as well as what might happen over the course of it. Some of these, such as futures markets, will even be available to bet on before the season has started.

Popular MLS markets include which team will win the MLS Cup and which player will be top scorer that season, and moneyline, point spread/handicap, and total or over/under goals markets for individual matches. The odds for these are determined by a combination of how teams and players have recently performed, the sportsbooks’ opinion of how strong teams are, where and when matches are taking place, and who or what other MLS bettors are wagering money on.

To help you out, BET.CA has the latest and best MLS odds from reviewed and approved sportsbooks, so everything you need to place your next MLS wager is right here.

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The best MLS sportsbooks


Popular MLS bets

There are many different ways you can place a bet on an MLS game. The most popular soccer betting markets include the moneyline, point spread (or handicap), total or over/under goals, parlays, futures, and prop bets. You can learn more about each of these in more detail below.

MLS moneyline odds

Betting on the moneyline is arguably the most straightforward wager that you can place on an MLS game, as it simply requires predicting which team will win the match, or whether it will be a draw/tie, regardless of the final score. Unlike for other sports popular in Canada, betting on the latter is an option in MLS moneyline markets.

Here is an example of moneyline odds for an MLS game:



Toronto FC




Vancouver Whitecaps


If you were to place an $100 moneyline wager on Toronto FC at -120 and they won the game, you would get a payout of $183.30 (your $100 bet plus $83.30 profit). If you were to place the same bet on the Vancouver Whitecaps at +270 and they won, you would receive a $370 payout (your $100 bet plus $270 profit).

Naturally, a successful bet on the underdog or what the sportsbook rates as the least likely outcome will yield a more profitable return. You can also bet on the moneyline in-play for MLS games, whereby the odds will be updated in real time to reflect the current score.

MLS point spread odds

Betting on the point spread (which is sometimes referred to as the handicap in soccer betting) for an MLS game involves wagering on whether a team will win or lose the match by a specified number of goals set by the sportsbook.

This comes down to betting on one of two outcomes. You can either bet on the favorite to win by more than the set spread (called betting the spread), or wager on the underdog to lose by less than the spread, which is referred to as betting against the spread. Here is an example of point spread or handicap odds for an MLS game:

Team and spread


CF Montreal, -1.5


LA Galaxy, +1.5


In this example, if you bet $100 on CF Montreal to win with a -1.5 goal handicap, they would have to win the game by two goals or more for your bet to come in. Alternatively, if you wagered on LA Galaxy at +1.5, they would have to lose the game by no more than one goal (or tie/draw or win the match) for your bet to win.

As the odds are -110 in both cases, your payout would be $190.90 (your $100 bet plus $90.90 profit).

MLS total or over/under goals odds

A total or over/under bet on an MLS game most commonly involves wagering on one of two things: how many goals there will be in a match, or how many goals a specified team will score within it. These markets are often set to .5 goals, to ensure there is a definite outcome for any wagers placed.

When betting on total or over/under goals, you should check how many goals the two teams playing tend to score and concede, and if any key defenders or forwards will be missing for the fixture. Here is an example of total or over/under goals for an MLS game:

Total goals


Over 3.5


Under 3.5


In this instance, the total has been set to 3.5, meaning the over will win if there are four goals or more, and the under will win if there are three goals or fewer. As the odds are -110 in both cases, a successful $100 wager would either way produce a payout of $190.90 (your $100 bet plus $90.90 profit).

MLS parlay odds

As in other sports, an MLS parlay bet is a wager comprised of two or more selections. These can either be on the same MLS game (known as a same-game parlay) or across two or more separate matches (a multi-game parlay). For instance, your MLS parlay bet can include the moneyline from one game, the point spread or handicap from a second match, and the total or over/under from a third.

Parlays reward significantly greater payouts than if the selections were placed as individual wagers, albeit with the added condition that all of your selections must come in for your bet to win. Here is an example of an MLS parlay bet:



D.C. United, -1.5


Portland Timbers to beat New York City FC


Over 3.5 goals in Seattle Sounders vs. Inter Miami


Three-way parlay odds


In this example, a successful $100 parlay would have payout of $916 (your $100 wager plus $816 profit). By comparison, the three selections would only produce a total profit of $350 if they won as individual $100 wagers.

Betting on MLS futures

Sportsbooks offer numerous futures markets that you can bet on both before and during the MLS season. Most of these cover outcomes that cannot be decided until the season has finished, such as which team will win the MLS Cup that year, or which player will win the Golden Boot or MVP award. As a result, the odds will change in these markets throughout the season, depending on how teams and players are performing.

You can learn more about the MLS futures available to bet on, but here is a quick runthrough of the most popular:

  • MLS Cup winner: Which team will win the MLS Cup that season.

  • Conference winners: Which teams will win the Eastern and Western Conferences that season.

  • Supporters’ Shield winner: Which team will win the Supporters’ Shield that season (the award given to the team with the best regular season record).

  • Golden Boot winner: Which player will score the most goals in the MLS that season.

  • Awards futures: Who will win awards such as MVP, Young Player of the Year, and Coach of the Year for that season.

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MLS prop bets

MLS prop bets are wagers on anything that can happen during a game not directly linked to its final result. In MLS betting, the most popular prop markets focus on stats such as cards, corners, and goalscorers. For instance, you can wager on how many cards or corners there will be in the game, or which team will get more. In terms of goalscorers, you can bet on a certain player to score a goal in the match, or more specifically to score the first or last goal of the game.

The quantity and type of prop markets you can wager on for MLS games will vary among sportsbooks, but other examples of common MLS prop bets include:

  • When the first goal will be scored in the match

  • Whether a goal will be scored in both halves

  • Whether a specific player will get a yellow or red card

  • Whether a certain type of goal will be scored (e.g. from a header, a free kick, or outside the box)

Many prop bets involve yes/no selections or require you to pick something out of two options, such as which player will complete more passes or commit more fouls in a match.

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