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How do NCAAF odds work?

There are many different markets available for NCAAF betting across multiple sportsbooks. Many sportsbooks will offer odds and lines for every single college football game.

You can also bet on matters that take place over the entire season, such as which team will win a conference and which player will win the Heisman Trophy.

NCAAF odds are set by the oddsmakers, who use their own personal algorithms to determine the likelihood of something happening and the odds they want to set for it.

There are multiple different factors that can affect the odds for an NCAAF market, such as which team is perceived to be better, injuries, recent form, and who and what other bettors are wagering on.

You can also bet on NCAAF in-play using live odds after the game has started. In that case, odds are updated in real time to reflect the action unfolding on the field, presenting further opportunities to get good value.

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The best NCAAF sportsbooks


Popular NCAAF bets

There are many different ways to bet on NCAAF games, but there are some popular markets that most, if not all, sportsbooks will offer. Those include the moneyline, point spread, total or over/under bets, parlays, futures, and prop bets. You can learn more about each of these in more detail below:

NCAAF moneyline odds

Betting on the moneyline for an NCAAF game is one of the most straightforward yet popular types of wager. This bet predicts who will be the outright winner of the game. The final score doesn’t matter, so long as the team you back wins.

In a moneyline market, one team will be the favorite (listed as negative odds denoted by a - symbol), and one team will be the underdog (listed as positive odds denoted by a + symbol). The wider the margin between the odds for the two teams, the more the favorite is considered likely to win. Here is an example of moneyline odds for a NCAAF game:



Auburn Tigers


Georgia Bulldogs


In this example, the Tigers are the favorite to win the game at -130. That means a successful $100 bet on them would have a payout of $176.92 (your $100 bet plus $76.92 profit). Conversely, the Bulldogs are the underdog at +180. That means a successful $100 bet on them would have a payout of $280 (your $100 bet plus $180 profit).

In NCAAF moneyline markets, a successful bet on the underdog will always have a higher payout than a successful bet on the favorite.

NCAAF point spread odds

Betting on the point spread for an NCAAF game can be considered an effective two-in-one bet, as you are betting not only on whether a team will win or lose the game, but also whether they will do so by a certain margin. Sportsbooks set point spreads according to the margin they think the favorite will win the game by. For NCAAF games, this is often around three or seven points.

Favorites are assigned negative point spreads, meaning they must win by more than the spread for the bet to win, while underdogs have positive point spreads, meaning they must lose by less than the spread (or win the game) for the bet to win. Here is an example of point spread odds for an NCAAF game:

Team and spread


Ohio State Buckeyes, -6.5


USC Trojans +5.5


In this example, the Buckeyes would have to beat the Trojans by at least seven points for bets on Ohio State at -6.5 to be paid out. Meanwhile, USC would need either to win the game outright or lose by six points or fewer for bets on them at +5.5 to win.

Most point spread bets on the favorite or underdog alike are priced at -110, meaning that if you place a $100 bet, it would return $190.90 (your initial $100 stake plus $90.90 profit).

NCAAF total or over/under odds

NCAAF total markets, also called over/under markets, offer odds on how many points the two teams in an NCAAF game will score between them. Sportsbooks will weigh up both teams’ offensive and defensive abilities and offer a predictive total for the game to a .5 placing. You simply bet on whether the total number of points will be over or under that amount.

Here is an example of total or over/under odds for an NCAAF game:

Total points


Over 45.5 points


Under 45.5 points


In this example, the over will win if there are 46 points or more in the game, while the under will win if there are 45 points or fewer. In both cases, the odds are priced at -110, meaning a winning $100 bet would have a payout of $190.90 (your initial $100 stake plus $90.90 profit).

NCAAF parlay odds

An NCAAF parlay bet combines multiple selections into one wager. This can be on the same game or across multiple matches, but either way every selection must come in for the bet to win. NCAAF parlays typically offer much larger payouts than if every selection was placed as an individual bet, although they are also much harder to win.

Here is an example of a parlay bet on NCAA football:



Texas Longhorns, -6.5


Clemson Tigers, +2.5


East Carolina Pirates at Memphis Tigers: Under 45.5 points


Syracuse Orange to win


Four-way parlay odds


If all four selections hit, a $100 parlay would have a payout of $927.36 (your $100 bet plus $827.36 profit). By comparison, if the four selections won as individual $100 wagers, the total profit would only be $303.30.

NCAAF parlays allow you to create unique bets involving a variety of selections. For example, your parlay could include the moneyline on one game, point spread on another, and a prop bet on a third. Just remember that if even only one of your selections doesn’t come in, your bet loses.

Betting on NCAAF futures

NCAAF futures markets allow you to place wagers on events that will be settled on a specified future date, often at the end of the season. Popular NCAAF futures bets include the outright winner of the College Football Playoff National Championship and which player will win the Heisman Trophy.

You can also bet on more specific NCAAF futures, such as which team will win a certain conference or whether a team will make the playoffs. Futures odds are available to bet on both before and during the season, meaning their odds adjust depending on the performances of teams and players.

The preseason odds available for NCAAF futures provide a great opportunity to get good value, as sportsbooks will have less information they can use to predict will what happen that season. You can learn more about NCAAF futures with BET.CA.

NCAAF prop bets

NCAAF prop bets refer to wagering on events that can happen during a game but aren’t directly linked to the final outcome. Often, these markets focus on whether or not a player or team will hit a certain statistical threshold.

For example, a sportsbook may post odds on a pass rusher to get over or under a specified total of sacks, or a quarterback to throw for over or under a certain number of passing yards. Team-related NCAAF prop bets can include how many touchdowns they will score, or who will get more interceptions or fumbles.

Different sportsbooks offer different prop markets, and some offer special in-play props when reacting to what has happened in the game so far. You can learn more about prop bets with BET.CA.


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