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It’s important to be fully aware of how to bet, what you can bet on, and exactly what needs to happen for your bet to win. BET.CA is here to help with our detailed and informative betting guides, which cover a wide range of topics, from what different betting markets mean to which are the best sports to bet on, and the betting rules and legislation for your province. Take a look and begin your journey to becoming a better bettor.

Betting 101

All betting guides on BET.CA are written by in-our house team, who have over 40 years’ experience in the sports betting and gaming industries, and have worked and written for several of the world’s leading sportsbooks. They possess in-depth knowledge of betting markets and strategies, as well as an understanding of what is important to bettors, meaning you can read on with the confidence that they will help improve your betting.

BET.CA staff
BET.CA staff

Getting started with sports betting

Looking to place your first ever sports bet? Check BET.CA’s step-by-step guide for how to bet on sports to find out how to get set up with a sportsbook, deposit funds, and decide what to bet on. We also run through how sports betting odds work and how to use picks to help with your bets.

Learn more about sports betting markets

BET.CA has detailed guides for the most common and popular sports betting markets, including:

  • Moneyline: Probably the most well-known and straightforward betting market around, it simply involves wagering on a team or player to win a match.

  • Point spread: Betting the spread involves predicting whether a team will win or lose a match by a margin specified by the sportsbook.

  • Total or over/under: This market requires you to predict whether the number of points, goals, or runs in a game will be over or under the total specified by a sportsbook.

  • Prop bets: Prop bets are fun markets that focus on things not related to the final outcome of a game. These can range from how many runs a player will score in a MLB match to how long the national anthem will be at the Super Bowl.

You can learn more about each of these markets using the links above.

Single-game vs. parlay betting

Following the legalization of single-event sports betting with Bill C-218 in 2021, Canadian bettors now have the option to enjoy single-game wagering for the first time and no longer have to build a parlay with a minimum of three selections in order to place a sports bet.

As a result, it’s important to understand the difference between single-game and parlay betting, and the advantages to both. If you enjoy betting on certain teams or games at specific times, you may want to check out our single-game betting guide, while sports fans who like following multiple matches at once can learn more about parlay betting.

What are the best sports to bet on?

For many sports fans, betting adds another layer of enjoyment to following Canada’s biggest sports and unsurprisingly, the most popular sports and events in Canada to watch are also the most popular to bet on. These include hockey (NHL), football (NFL), baseball (MLB), basketball (NBA), and soccer.

Read our guide to the best sports to bet on for more information about each of these, including popular leagues and competitions, which markets are available, and notable Canadian teams.

What is the juice/vig?

Many bettors may understand how odds work and what different markets mean, but they may not know what role the “juice” or “vig” plays in this. The vig is essentially the house edge a sportsbook gives themselves to ensure they make money from the odds they offer, meaning it can have a large impact on your betting and the value and payouts you can get from odds. Read our guide to the juice/vig to learn more about this, including how you can work it out and remove it in order to see a sportsbook’s “true odds.”

Betting rules in your province

Regardless of what sport or market you’re betting on, you need to ensure that you’re up to speed with the betting rules and legislation for your province. These vary across Canada on factors including whether single-game betting is legal, which sportsbooks are available, and how old you must be to place a bet.

BET.CA has all the rules and regulations for every province in one place with our Canada betting guide, so you can check what you can (and can’t) wager on before heading to the sportsbooks.

Tips for sports betting

As any bettor will tell you, your bets won’t win every single time and there’s no way of guaranteeing that they can. However, there are many helpful tips and points you can remember to place your bets from the best possible position.

Our how to win at sports betting guide runs through these, including how to find your betting niche, locate the best odds around, and other useful tricks and techniques. No matter how long you have been betting on sports, remember that there will always be more you can learn.

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