World Series live scores and schedule

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World Series live scores

Every World Series playoff game features live, in-game betting with several markets that relate to the current score. For example, if the Toronto Blue Jays are down 5-0 to the Tampa Bay Rays in the fifth inning, there will be live in-game bets available, such as wagering on the Blue Jays to tie the game or win. Since 5-0 is usually a difficult deficit to overcome, the odds and potential payout for that bet would be appealing to any baseball bettor, regardless of the likelihood.

Live betting markets can also feature specific players and statistical categories. For example, if Vladimir Guerrero Jr. hits a home run in the first inning of the game, an over/under for amount of runs scored by the Blue Jays in that specific inning might open up which will give you some value.

Another example would be if a starting pitcher has had a shutout going through seven innings, you might want to look into the under total of runs if his pitch count is low.

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World Series schedule

The World Series usually takes place in early November at the latest. The World Series game-by-game schedule doesn’t become available until both of the championship series have been settled.

As the World Series is contested over a best-of-seven series, it can take anywhere from four to seven games to complete, meaning the schedule can grow longer or shorter at any given time depending on how each series is playing out.

The World Series attracts millions of worldwide viewers each year, from casual fans to baseball lovers. Games usually start at 8 or 11pm Eastern Time to appeal to the largest viewer demographic in North America, although afternoon games may also be scheduled on occasion.

Make sure you know where and when every World Series game is taking place by using the schedule listed above.

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World Series format

Major League Baseball (MLB) is split into the American League and National League, which both have three divisions of five teams each. Six teams progress from each of the two conferences to the MLB playoffs – the three division winners and three wild card teams with the next best regular-season record.

The lowest-seeded division winner and three wild-card teams face off in a best-of-three Wild Card Series, with the two winners then going on to face the top two-seeded division winners in the Division Series. The Division Series winners progress to the championship series (the ALCS and NLCS, respectively). The two winners of the AL and NL are crowned champions of their league for that season and earn the right to represent them in the World Series.

As the MLB playoffs progress, the length of each series gets longer. The Wild Card Series is a best-of-three, while the Division Series is best-of-five. Both the championship series and World Series decide the winner over a best-of-seven series. Home field for the World Series goes to the team with the best regular-season record, regardless of postseason seeding within that team’s league.

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