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What are NCAAB stats?

When betting on NCAAB games, you should always inform your predictions with stats whenever you can. Stats can be used to assess how teams and players have recently been performing, and provide useful information relevant for many different markets. Here are the key stats you should bear in mind for college basketball betting:

  • Scoring: Players score points in NCAA basketball by throwing the ball through the basket (or hoop). Knowing a team or player’s scoring stats is important when betting on NCAAB markets such as total or over/under points and certain prop bets, such as how many points a specific player will score in the game.

  • Home score: The home score is the total number of points scored by the home team in a NCAAB game. This stat can provide insight as to what extent a team enjoys home advantage, and whether that is reflected by an improved win-loss and/or points per game record compared to when they play on the road.

  • Away score: The away score is the total number of points scored by the away team in a NCAAB game. Teams who post much lower away scores in comparison to their home score may struggle with road fixtures, while teams who don’t may be unfazed by opponents’ home advantage.

  • Points per game: Points per game is the average number of points a player or team scores in a NCAA basketball match. This stat can highlight the best offensive players and teams in NCAAB, meaning it is important to research alongside teams to see if a team will be missing any key offensive players for a game.

  • Field goal percentage: This is the percentage of shots that a NCAAB team or player makes in a game. Teams and players with a higher field goal percentage are more likely to get points on the board when they have the ball, while those down the lower end may require more attempts to sink a basket.

  • Free throw percentage: The free throw percentage is the percentage of free throws (an unguarded scoring attempt awarded by a referee after a player commits a foul) that a team or player makes in a NCAAB game. Teams who are good at both winning fouls and converting free throws will likely be more reliable for getting points on the board.

  • Three pointers made: This is the total number of successful three point attempts made by a NCAA basketball team or player. Looking for teams or players who are particularly good at making three pointers may be useful when betting on total or over/under points markets, as well as prop bets including how many three pointers there will be in a match.

  • Three-point percentage: The is the percentage of three pointer attempts that a team or player makes in a NCAAB game. This is calculated by dividing the number of three pointers made by the number attempted.

  • Assists: In basketball, a player gets an assist when they pass the ball to a player who then scores a basket. This is useful for measuring the offensive ability of players and teams, as well as how willing and efficient they are at working together to move the ball in offense.

  • Rebounds: A rebound is when a player retrieves the ball after a missed shot or free throw. Rebounds can be offensive (when the offensive team recovers the ball) or defensive (when the defending team wins possession). A player or team's rebounds per game is known as their rebounding efficiency.

  • Turnovers: A turnover is when a team loses the ball to their opponents before a player shoots at their team's basket. This can happen if a player loses the ball, steps out of bounds, has a pass intercepted, commits a violation (such as a double dribble, a shot clock violation, or travelling), or commits an offensive foul.

  • Steals: A steal is when a player intercepts a pass, legitimately takes the ball away from an opponent, or otherwise gets the ball following a turnover if the clock hasn't stopped and the ball is still in bounds. Steals are useful for both reducing opponents’ shot attempts and starting offensive opportunities.

  • Blocks: A block (or blocked shot) is when a defensive player legally deflects an opponent’s attempt to make a basket. Sportsbooks often offer prop bets on which team or player will make the most blocks in a NCAAB match, or whether a team or player will make over or under a specified number.

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NCAAB stat leaders 2022

The NCAA basketball stat leaders are the players and teams performing the best in the overall league or within their conference in various categories, both offensive and defensive.

Throughout the season, you can check the players and teams that lead college basketball in offensive categories such as points and assists per game, field goal percentage, three-point percentage, and free-throw percentage. Stat leaders are also posted for defensive categories including rebounds, blocks, and steals per game.

These stats can be used not only to identify which NCAAB teams and players are performing well and what their strengths are, but also which categories they are struggling and need to improve in.

In both cases, this is useful information for NCAA basketball prop markets, particularly those such as how many points, rebounds, or assists (or a combination of the three) a player will get in a game. If you enjoy NCAAB player prop betting, keeping track of stat leaders is a must.

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Who is the NCAAB scoring leader?

The NCAA basketball scoring leader is the player who has averaged the most points per game across NCAAB during the season. A special award is given to the NCAAB player who averaged the most points per game in the regular season, and they are normally among the contenders to win the John R. Wooden Award that year. Aside from being useful information for totals or over/under points bets, you can also place a futures bet on the player that you think will be the scoring leader at the end of the regular season.

You should also monitor which teams lead the points per game charts, as these will likely be among those with the best offensive ability in college basketball that year. If a team posts above average points per game stats but lacks individual players who do so, this implies that they have balanced offensive talent throughout their squad.

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