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How do the NFL playoffs work?

After a long 17-game regular season, the action both on and off the field really heats up with the start of the NFL playoffs. The NFL postseason attracts huge betting activity, with momentum and home-field advantage considered crucial as the NFL’s best teams move into a win-or-go-home knockout format.

With the regular season now extending into early January, the playoffs typically start in the second weekend of the new year and finish with the Super Bowl, which is played on the second Sunday of February.

Seven teams from each conference (the AFC and NFC) qualify for the playoffs. The four division winners in each conference qualify automatically. They are joined by three non-division-winning teams with the best win/loss records in each conference, known as the wild cards. The division winners claim the top four seeds in each conference, with the seedings based on their regular-season records, while the three wild cards are ranked five through seven.

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NFL playoffs structure and bracket

On the first weekend of the playoffs, commonly known as Wild Card Weekend, the top seed in each conference enjoys a bye, while the remaining six teams play off against each other with the No. 2 seed playing the No. 7 seed, No. 3 versus No. 6, and No. 4 versus No. 5. Wild Card Weekend winners advance to the NFL Divisional Playoffs the following week, where they are joined by the top seeds. Matchups are determined by the ranking of the remaining seeds, with the top seed in each conference playing the lowest-ranked seed.

Once again, winning teams advance to play each other the following weekend in the Conference Championships. Then, after a two-week break that provides players with a chance to rest, and sports bettors an opportunity to do their homework, the AFC champions play the NFC champions in the Super Bowl.

You can bet on the action at every step. In addition to game line odds, bettors can take advantage of constantly changing futures odds. Once the Super Bowl matchup is determined, sports bettors can take advantage of the hundreds of Super Bowl prop bets covering every aspect of the big game that are made available in the days leading up to Super Bowl Sunday.

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NFL conference winners

Super Bowl berths are on the line when the four teams still standing take to the turf on NFL Conference Championship Weekend. The road to the NFL Conference Championships is a rocky one. In addition to surviving an arduous 17-game regular season, teams must earn their way to the AFC Championship and NFC Championship games by defeating rivals on Wild Card Weekend and the NFL Divisional Playoff Weekend. The highest-seeded team enjoys home-field advantage in the Conference Championships, which can provide a huge benefit for them on the field and at the sportsbooks.

The odds slate for Conference Championship games does not differ much from other NFL games, with moneyline odds, point spreads, and totals available. As the playoffs progress, the number of prop bets covering every aspect of team and individual player performances available to wager on increases. Sports bettors can also get in on futures betting that lets them wager on potential Super Bowl matchups and the eventual winner.

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