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NFL live scores

There is nothing more important to the success of your NFL betting strategy than doing homework ahead of game day. However, while researching trends, head-to-head history, and injury statuses can give you an edge when laying your wagers, the betting action doesn’t stop at game time.

Recent advancements in technology have not only made it possible to lay bets before game time, but now also enable sports bettors to get involved in the action throughout the game. In addition to following NFL live scores and stats that give you a heads up on what is happening on the gridiron, sports bettors can now bet on all aspects of games in progress using live (in-game) betting.

With live betting, sports bettors can access an array of odds that are dynamically updated as the game plays out, enabling you to bet on everything from the next play call to what the final score will be. That means if your team has the ball and is successfully driving downfield, their live in-game odds will reflect that success. But if your team’s quarterback throws an interception, be prepared for the tables to turn and those live odds to slide. Don't forget that BET.CA has live NFL odds for every game.

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Upcoming NFL matchups

The NFL has quickly become a Sunday tradition for fans and sports bettors around the world. Most NFL regular-season games are played on Sunday afternoons, with game times typically set at 1pm and 4pm Eastern Time. However, the NFL has expanded its offerings into prime time and weeknights in recent decades. You can also enjoy watching and betting throughout the week, with national televised games for Thursday Night Football, Sunday Night Football, and Monday Night Football.

The explosion of games played under the lights in prime time have made it even more important for sports bettors to do their homework. It is not uncommon for a team to enjoy consistent success or suffer steady failure when playing under the lights on national TV. As a result, it provides an additional edge to remain familiar with how individual teams and players perform when playing at night in prime-time games. Quarterbacks’ records in prime-time games are often quoted ahead as pundits look to assess teams’ chances of success in upcoming prime-time matchups.

The length of time between games can play a huge role in your betting decisions. Teams playing on Thursday Night Football may have had as little as three days’ rest since last hitting the gridiron. However, this works both ways, as teams that have just played on Thursday night may offer betting value the following week if they have enjoyed an extra three days’ rest.

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Latest NFL results

There is a wealth of information that sports bettors can collect from NFL results that can help them make betting decisions in the future. NFL results often include a breakdown of scoring by quarter, giving you a good handle on which team had a fast start to the game, or whether a team embarked on an epic comeback after halftime.

In addition, NFL results also provide a brief overview of the top player stats in the game, including key quarterback stats, top rushers, receivers, and defensive stats. You can also quickly determine how each team fared at the sportsbooks, including which teams paid out on the moneyline and against the spread, and whether the point total finished over or under the number set prior to the start of the game.

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