MLS live scores and schedule

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MLS live scores

Many sportsbooks offer numerous in-play or live betting markets for every match of the Major League Soccer (MLS) season, from the opening round of games all the way through to the MLS Cup Final.

These generally include the most popular available to wager on pre-game, such as the moneyline and total or over/under goals, albeit with the difference that the odds are dynamically updated in real time to reflect what is happening on the pitch. For instance, a major event such as a goal or red card is likely to significantly change the odds for several markets.

Aside from being an exciting way to follow the action, live betting on MLS can also present opportunities to get good value from the odds if you time your wagers right. More broadly, you can check MLS live scores to see if they have had any impact on your futures bets for the season.

As a result, it’s important to have access to live scores, as well as the latest results and upcoming games to help inform your MLS betting. That’s why BET.CA has all this information for you in one place, right here on this page.

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Upcoming MLS matchups

The MLS regular season normally gets underway in late February or early March, and runs until early to mid-October. After that, the MLS playoffs are held, usually starting the week after the regular season finishes across three weeks until early November.

For the 2022 MLS season, every team played 34 regular season matches, comprised of home and away fixtures against each of their 13 conference opponents and eight against teams from the other conference. The MLS playoffs are a straight knockout bracket that award a spot in the conference semi-finals to the regular season champions, meaning a team needs to win three or four playoff games to win the MLS Cup.

MLS games are played most weekends throughout the season and occasionally also during the week, most commonly on Wednesdays. While kick-off times are generally staggered throughout the day at weekends, it is important to note that matches usually kick-off approximately eight to 10 minutes after their listed time. This is because the “kick-off time” is actually when the players take to the field to observe the national anthem and other pre-match procedures.

It is always helpful to review a team’s upcoming matches to inform your MLS betting. For example, if a team has what is considered an easy home fixture followed by a difficult away match just a few days later, they may rotate their team to rest players for the former. You should also note when a team’s MLS fixtures are in relation to other competitions they may be competing in, such as the U.S. Open Cup, Canadian Championship, or CONCACAF Champions League.

Latest MLS results

It’s highly important to look at an MLS team’s recent results if you’re considering betting on one of their upcoming games. You can use this information to quickly glean how they have been performing as of late, as well as metrics such as their recent form at home and/or on the road and how many goals they‘ve been scoring and conceding. As a result, this information can help you see if a team have perhaps been over or undervalued for an upcoming match or market by sportsbooks.

There are a few things to remember when looking at MLS results. Unlike other sports popular in Canada such as football and hockey, soccer fixtures and results are listed with the home team first. This means that if you were to see the scoreline Vancouver Whitecaps 4–2 Toronto FC, the Vancouver Whitecaps were playing at home and won the match by scoring four goals to Toronto’s two.

As in other soccer leagues, MLS matches can also finish as a tie or draw, and outside of the playoffs do not go into extra time if there isn’t a winner after 90 minutes. If you see a result listed as 0-0, 1-1, etc., this was the final score and both teams received one point for tying the match.

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