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MLB live scores

Looking at Major League Baseball (MLB) live scores is a great way to keep up with all of your baseball bets, especially if you don’t have access to a certain game or have multiple bets running at once. MLB live scores go a step further than many other sports as well, as there’s a lot of information to account for at any given moment. This includes the current pitcher, current batter, current inning, number of outs recorded, and current pitch count.

MLB live (or in-game) betting is another reason to keep a close eye on the score. Live in-game bets include wagering on segments of the game based on what you think might happen. For example, you could place an in-game prop bet on how many runs will be scored in a specific inning, or how many hits will occur in a designated inning. is a great resource to see a live at-bat, pitch location, count, and box score during a game.

This may seem like a lot to keep tabs on while you’re trying to enjoy the game, which is why BET.CA is here to make your baseball betting experience much more enjoyable. We have live scores, stats, and odds, so there is everything you need to place your next in-play MLB bet.

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Upcoming MLB matchups

During the MLB season, it’s never difficult to find an upcoming game to wager on. There are MLB games played every night, both in the early and late window, in addition to afternoon games.

In total, there are 30 teams who play 162 games each season, adding up to 2,430 games in total. That doesn’t even include the postseason, so there’s no shortage of betting opportunities.

MLB teams play more games against other teams in their division than they do against the rest of the league, meaning you’re likely to place more wagers on divisional matchups than on any other variety of game. As a result, it is particularly important to research any bets you place on divisional matchups.

Another way to improve your baseball betting knowledge is to get a feel for how a team’s pitching rotations are laid out. For example, one team might have a stacked rotation, meaning that even their fifth starter is much better than a lot of team’s middle starters. If you can find a favorable pitching matchup, it’s often a solid way to find value in the odds.

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Latest MLB results

BET.CA has all of the latest MLB results, including accompanying statistics and matchup analysis, for every team in the league, right here on this page. MLB results can be useful for reviewing your bets after the games have finished. Use the stats to try and learn from your mistakes and develop your baseball betting process based on all of the information to hand, instead of just checking on whether you’ve won or not.

When reviewing MLB game results, always look as far beyond the score as you can. If an underdog won, and you had wagered on the favorite, find out exactly what happened. Did you lose the bet because an unlikely player got hot, or was it because there was some late news about the games you missed that ended up swaying the odds against you?

Remember to also look at individual hitting and pitching performances to see who did and didn’t perform. The more you look at baseball statistics, the more your understanding of why your bet won or lost will grow. Learned experience, along with all of the latest MLB stats and information available with BET.CA, is the best way to become a proficient baseball bettor.

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