NBA live standings and team rankings

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How do NBA standings work?

NBA teams are ranked by their wins and losses during the 82-game regular season. As there are games almost every day in the NBA, the standings in both the Western Conference and Eastern Conference can change on a daily basis.

The NBA standings can provide a lot of information at a glance – information that can help our betting chances – but to read them, you need to understand the different stats and abbreviations. Here is what each of the categories often included in NBA standings mean:

  • W: The number of wins a team has.

  • L: The number of losses a team has.

  • WIN%: A team's win percentage.

  • GB: The number of games a team is behind the team in first place.

  • CONF: The record of a team against other teams in its conference.

  • DIV: The record of a team against other teams in its division.

  • HOME: A team’s win-loss record for home matches.

  • ROAD: A team’s win-loss record for matches on the road.

  • OT: A team's win-loss record in games decided by overtime.

  • L10/LAST10: A team’s win-loss record in their last 10 games.

  • STREAK: The current number of straight wins or losses that a team is on. For instance, W5 means that a team has won its last five games, while L3 means that a team has lost its last three games.

  • PPG: How many points per game a team has averaged that season.

  • OPP PPG: How many points per game a team's opponents has scored against them that season.

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NBA conferences and divisions

The NBA is comprised of the Western Conference and the Eastern Conference. Both conferences have 15 teams that are divided into three divisions of five teams that are organized on a geographical basis. The Eastern Conference is comprised of the Atlantic Division, Central Division, and Southeast Division, while the Western Conference is made up of the Northwest Division, Pacific Division, and Southwest Division.

Every team in the NBA plays 82 matches in the regular season. Each team plays every opponent in their division four times a season, the other 10 teams in their conference three or four times each a season (as determined by a five-year rotation), and the 15 teams in the other conference twice a season.

A total of 16 teams qualify for the NBA playoffs – eight each from the Eastern and Western Conference – with the top six teams in the regular season standings and the two teams who progress from the play-in tournament earning their spots. The play-in tournament is contested between the four teams who finished seventh to 10th in the regular season to determine the final two playoff spots for that conference.

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What are NBA team rankings?

NBA teams are ranked on several metrics over the course of the season, which can provide information to help your bets. These are easily accessible online and consulting them before making your bet can be very useful, and are available at websites including and ESPN.

Common NBA team rankings include projected wins and losses, points per game, three-pointers made and three-pointer percentage, and rebounds, steals, and blocks per game. All of these can provide insight into a team’s strengths and weaknesses and how they have been performing in comparison to the rest of the league.

Publications and websites also list NBA power rankings, which rank and evaluate teams on their current form. Power rankings generally indicate whether a team is on the rise or on the decline, and often include information about important aspects of their recent performances. These can be useful for assessing how a team has been doing compared to their opponent ahead of a match, and how likely they are to win it as a result.

Using all of this information when betting on the NBA can be quite beneficial, as it makes it easier to determine whether a team has been over- or undervalued by the odds according to their stats.

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