What is single-game betting?

What is single-game betting?

Single-game betting is placing sports bets on individual games and events that take place on one specified day. Previously in Canada, you could only place parlay bets that combined multiple selections across multiple games. That all changed when a private members bill, C-218, was passed in Canada in June 2021. That then went into the statute books and became law ­as the Safe and Regulated Sports Betting Act later that year on August 27.

It means that provinces are now able to offer single-game betting, either via existing government-owned lottery organizations, or from sportsbooks holding the appropriate license for that province. Provinces are able to approve and sell licenses to sports betting providers and earn additional revenue from providers who currently offer their products offshore.

More importantly, the law change also opens up a plethora of sports betting markets and options to Canadian sports fans, with the passing of C-218 seen within the betting industry as a watershed moment for sports betting in Canada.

With the introduction of single-game betting, government-regulated providers can now offer a full range of sports betting products to the Canadian market. This means you can bet on individual games throughout the regular season, plus the big end-of-season showpiece championship games. For the first time, you can bet on the marquee events on the sporting calendar, including the Super Bowl, the Grey Cup, and the Stanley Cup Finals, and much more, without having to include your picks in parlays.

In short, the legalization of single-game betting is a gamechanger for sports betting in Canada, and here at BET.CA we’re here to help you make the most of it.


How will single-game betting change gambling in Canada?

Previously, you could only place sports bets in Canada in parlay form. This meant you could only bet combination bets using multiple selections and games, and your chances of success were significantly reduced and opportunities for consistent success were hard to find.

Now the introduction of single-game betting means you can bet more tactically and specifically than you ever could before. You can use your know-how to take advantage of individual games, rather than having to combine your bet with an additional selection. It means that as a sports bettor, you have a significantly improved chance of success.

In addition, the legalization of single-game betting helps simplify the betting process, making sports betting much more accessible to new and inexperienced gamblers. It is widely expected that the new law will not only see the betting industry grow exponentially in Canada, it will also help earn the Canadian government significant additional revenue through licensing and taxation of regulated betting providers.

With the Canadian Gaming Association reporting that Canadians bet a colossal $14 billion annually with offshore betting operators, it’s easy to see why provinces are keenly investigating the opportunities brought by opening up the market to external operators.

How will single-game betting be implemented across Canada?

Each province has the freedom to implement single-game betting in the way they see fit. Some may take the option of restricting operators to a small number of government-owned or government-approved operators. You can learn more about which betting options are available to you.

However, some provinces may look to open up the betting market to more operators to offer more choice for their citizens, following the examples set by various states across the U.S. since the legalization of sports betting south of the border.

Initially, provinces have turned to government-owned lottery operators to offer the newly-expanded range of betting products. Ontario’s Lottery and Gaming Corp has launched PROLINE+ to offer single-game betting, while Loto-Quebec’s “Mise-o-jeu” product offers the same in Quebec.

It seems likely that the larger provinces with greater demand for sports betting choice will eventually invite some of the established U.S. providers. However, with the new law still fresh in the statute books, it remains to be seen how quickly each individual province will move to open up the betting and gaming market to the global sports betting industry’s established big-name operators.

Where can I place single-game bets?

When it comes to placing single-game sports bets, there’s a host of different sportsbook operators to choose from. with the sports betting market opening up in Canada, it has never been a better time to get started. The array of choice is starting to increase, and as a result sportsbooks will be battling for signups and looking to entice customers with an array of different offers.

All you need to do is choose the right sportsbook(s) and take advantage of the best offer(s) available. If that sounds daunting, don’t worry. BET.CA has rated and reviewed the best sportsbooks on the net to help you consistently get to the bet you want, with a sportsbook you can trust.

Can I still place parlay bets?

Yes. The new laws are great news for sports bettors, and simply add to your list of betting options rather than restrict them. That means that, as well as single-game bets, you can still bet parlays as before.

If you’re new to sports betting and want to learn more about parlays, check out our parlay betting guide, where we walk you through everything you need to know.

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