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How do March Madness odds work?

Many sportsbooks offer odds and markets for every single game of March Madness, as well as futures for the tournament as a whole.

The most popular markets include the moneyline, point spread, total or over/under, parlays, and prop bets. March Madness odds are calculated based on various factors, including a sportsbook’s overall opinion of a team’s ability, their recent results and team news, and who or what other bettors are wagering on.

Sportsbooks in Canada use the American odds format, meaning they are listed as a number preceded by a plus (+) or minus (-) sign. Odds with a minus sign are negative odds, meaning the amount indicates how much money you must wager in order to win a $100 profit. Odds with a plus sign are positive odds, meaning the amount indicates how much money you will win for every $100 you wager.

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Popular March Madness bets

The most popular betting markets for March Madness games include the moneyline, point spread, total or over/under, parlays, and prop bets. You can learn more about each of these in more detail below.

March Madness moneyline odds

The moneyline is a straightforward betting market available for March Madness that allows you to predict which team will win a game outright. Moneyline odds are set for March Madness games based on each team's implied likelihood of winning. This will be based on factors including their seeding, recent form, and who other bettors are wagering on.

The earlier rounds of March Madness are generally considered to be easier to predict than the tournament’s latter matchups, as at first the highest seeded teams are paired off against lower seeded opponents. Here is an example of moneyline odds for a March Madness game:



UCLA Bruins


Gonzaga Bulldogs


In this example, the UCLA Bruins are favored on the moneyline at -155, which means you would have to wager $155 for a profit for $100 (a total payout of $255). In contrast, the Gonzaga Bulldogs are listed as the underdog at +135, meaning a successful $100 bet would net you $135 profit for a total payout of $235.

March Madness point spread odds

A March Madness point spread bet involves wagering on whether or not a team will win or lose a game by a margin set by the sportsbook. Ahead of the match, the sportsbook will evaluate both teams, considering factors such as their recent form and supposed ability, before calculating a point spread for the game.

Favorites are assigned negative point spreads, meaning they must win by more than the spread for the bet to win, while underdogs have positive point spreads, meaning they must lose by less than spread (or win the game) for the bet to come in. The opening rounds of March Madness tend to feature larger point spreads, as the highest seeded teams face off against the lowest seeded outfits, before reducing as the tournament progresses.

Here is an example of point spread odds for a March Madness game:

Team and spread


Kansas Jayhawks, -5.5


Duke Blue Devils, +5.5


In this example, the Jayhawks would have to beat the Blue Devils by at least six points for bettors on Kansas at -5.5 to be paid out. Meanwhile, Duke would need to either win the game outright or lose by five points or fewer for bets on them at +5.5 to win. Most point spread bets on the favorite or underdog alike are priced at -110, meaning that if you place a $100 bet, it would return $190.90 (your initial $100 stake plus $90.90 profit).

March Madness total or over/under odds

Total bets, also known as over/under bets, are one of the most popular betting markets for March Madness games. Ahead of the matchup, sportsbooks will evaluate both teams, namely their offense and defense, and assign a total number of points they think the two teams will score between them in the game. You can then wager on whether the actual number of points will be over or under the sportsbook’s prediction.

Here is an example of total or over/under odds for a March Madness game:

Total points


Over 132.5


Under 132.5


In this example, the over will win if there are 133 points or more in the game, while the under will win if there are 132 points or fewer. In both cases, the odds are priced at -110, meaning a winning $100 bet would have a payout of $190.90 (your initial $100 stake plus $90.90 profit).

March Madness parlay odds

A March Madness parlay is a bet comprised of two or more selections. You can place a same game March Madness parlay (multiple selections on one game) or a multi-game March Madness parlay (multiple selections on different games). As an example, your parlay could include the moneyline from one game, the total or over/under from another, and the point spread from a third game, all in one bet. If all of your selections come in then the bet wins, but if at least one of them doesn’t, then the bet loses.

Parlays offer larger payouts than if you placed every selection as an individual bet, with the catch that the bet is more likely to lose. Despite this, March Madness parlays are popular, as they offer the chance to significant payouts from small wagers.

Here is an example of a parlay bet on March Madness:



Miami Hurricanes, -6.5


Arkansas Razorbacks vs. Houston Cougars: Under 145.5 points


Saint Peter's Peacocks to win


Three-way parlay odds


A successful $100 wager in this example would pay out $911.07 (your initial $100 bet plus $811.07 profit), compared to a total potential profit of $330.80 if you placed these three selections as individual $100 bets.

How I do bet on a team to win March Madness?

Sportsbooks offer futures markets for March Madness that allow you to bet on which team will win the tournament.

These are often available during the NCAA college basketball regular season, as well as both in the build-up to and during the tournament itself.

As a result, the odds for teams to win March Madness will likely change over a long period of time depending on their performances, so the key to getting value from the odds is timing your bet right.

March Madness futures odds can also be affected by injuries, coaching changes, and a team’s seeding in the bracket.

There are also other similar March Madness futures markets available, including whether a team will qualify for the tournament and reach the Final Four, and who will be crowned Most Outstanding Player.

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March Madness prop bets

March Madness prop bets allow you to wager on nearly anything that can happen during a game at the tournament not directly linked to its final result. This can range from the first team to commit a turnover, to the total number of points a certain player will score in the game.

Different sportsbooks offer different prop bets for March Madness games, although the most popular include totals or over/unders for a player's points scored, assists, or rebounds. Team prop bets can involve wagers such as the first team to score a certain number of points, or which will score the final points of the game.

Betting sites may also open special in-play prop markets during a game depending on what has happened in it thus far. An easy way to inform March Madness prop bets is to refer to the latest player and team stats during the tournament.

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