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How do CFL futures work?

CFL futures allow you to wager on the performances of teams and players over the course of the season. For example, you can bet on which team you think will win the Grey Cup or who will win the Most Outstanding Player award.

Many sportsbooks offer CFL futures even before the regular season has started, and they are available to bet on throughout the campaign. As a result, the market can change constantly depending on how a certain team or player is performing. This creates potential opportunities to get good value from the odds, if you time your wager right or hedge your original bet at a later date.

Many CFL bettors enjoy placing futures wagers before the regular season has begun, when sportsbooks are considered to have the least information to hand and are at their weakest position to predict how the season might unfold.

Other popular CFL futures markets include which team will win the East and West Divisions, whether a team a team will make the playoffs, and which players will take home accolades such as Most Outstanding Canadian and Most Outstanding Rookie. The best part about CFL futures betting is that it’s never too late to get involved.

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Popular CFL futures

CFL division futures

With CFL division futures betting, you can wager on which teams will finish the regular season at the top of both the East and West division standings. There are only four or five teams to choose from respectively, meaning that this may be appear to be a simple futures market to call compared to some other leagues. However, this can be a difficult wager to get right for that exact reason.

As divisional rivals can play each other as many as four times during the regular season, the divisional standings can change massively at short notice. It is easy for a team to follow early season success with late season disappointment, and vice versa. As a result, when wagering on such markets, you must pay particular attention to trends and news that can impact your preferred team’s prospects ahead of key matchups with divisional rivals.

The best team in a division isn’t necessarily the one with the strongest roster on paper, but the one most adept at grinding out results against their rivals on a consistent basis.

Grey Cup winner futures

The Grey Cup winner futures market is certainly among the most popular across all of CFL betting. It attracts attention every season from novice and experienced bettors alike, all of whom have an opinion on who will get their hands on the biggest trophy in Canadian football that year.

Naturally, the favorites for this market are the teams considered to be the strongest at that time. This may include the defending champions, or franchises who narrowly missed out last time but have since strengthened their roster. Any team aiming to win the Grey Cup needs both consistency during the regular season to secure a postseason spot, as well as the resilience to edge their opponents in one-off playoff games.

Just like with CFL divisional futures, Grey Cup futures odds can change depending on how teams perform during the campaign. Given how quickly the fortunes of a CFL team can be impacted over the hustle and bustle of the regular season, it’s not unusual for a preseason longshot to conclude their regular season schedule among the outright favorites.

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CFL Most Outstanding Player award futures

Similarly to the MVP award given out annually by the NFL, the CFL’s Most Outstanding Player (MOP) award is handed out each year to the player deemed to be the best in the league over the course of that season. Two nominees compete for the award, one each from the East and West Divisions, with the winner ultimately chosen by the Football Reporters of Canada association.

Odds for the CFL MOP winner are usually published at the outset of the regular season, and feature a who’s who of the league’s biggest stars. More often than not, a quarterback claims the award, with 40 QBs taking the honor since the award was first introduced back in 1953, as well as in 13 of the past 18 seasons. That makes it particularly important to keep a close eye on the performance of the league’s top passers when researching your bet.

Futures markets are also available for other CFL awards handed out annually. The Most Outstanding Canadian award is the given to the best national player during the season, while the Most Outstanding Rookie is given to the best performing player among those making their debut season.

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