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How do NCAAF futures work?

NCAAF futures allow you bet on events that will not be resolved until a specific future date, often the end of the season. The two most popular NCAAF futures markets are the winners of the College Football National Playoff Championship and Heisman Trophy. As per other sports and leagues, NCAAF futures are available to wager on both before and during the season.

Other futures markets available include NCAAF conference winners, as well as simply wagering on whether a team will make the playoffs in their given conference. A lot of these markets have lines that are set well ahead of the season, and this can often be advantageous. Sportsbooks are at their least accurate when they don’t have a lot of information to work with and a new season, where anything can happen, is extremely hard to predict.

The odds in NCAAF futures markets will adjust and change throughout the season, depending on the performances of certain teams and players. This means betting on them ahead of the season can be a solid strategy, as lines can move unfavorably and odds can worsen for bettors quickly.

For example, if a star player were to get injured during the first game of the season, his team’s playoff chances could nosedive from a betting perspective. If you wagered on another team with slightly less skill to win the conference, that injury to a rival player could significantly boost their chances.

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Popular NCAAF futures

Conference futures

Betting on NCAAF conference futures typically means wagering on who will be the outright winner of a conference. There are 10 conferences in NCAAF Division I, meaning that there are 10 different conference futures markets available. Some conferences are tricky to bet on, due to the sheer volume of powerhouse teams within them. For example, the Big 10 East conference features perennial contenders such as the Michigan Wolverines and Ohio State Buckeyes, while the SEC boasts the likes of the Georgia Bulldogs and Alabama Crimson Tide.

Other conferences are more commonly dominated by a certain team or two. For instance, the Oregon Ducks have been Pac-12 North champions six times since 2009, just one less than the rest of the conference combined. However, while a bet on Oregon to win Pac-12 North may be safer than Michigan to win Big 10 East, you will likely get shorter odds for it.

A simple way to approach NCAAF conference betting is to study last year’s standings and assess to what extent each team’s roster has strengthened or weakened since the season before. A team that came close to winning their conference last time out and have since added key players are the obvious value bets in such markets.

College Football Playoff futures

The College Football Playoffs start in December and feature many unique games, including bowl games between the best nationally-ranked teams. The top four teams in the country are also awarded a berth for the chance to win the College Football Playoff National Championship.

The College Football Playoff National Championship game is naturally the most popular NCAAF betting market, and futures markets are available on which team will become NCAAF champions that season throughout the campaign. Futures are also available on which team will win certain bowl games, with the most notable including the Cotton Bowl Classic, Fiesta Bowl, Orange Bowl, Peach Bowl, Rose Bowl, and Sugar Bowl.

Other popular playoff-related NCAAF futures markets that bettors often wager on include whether or not a team will make their conference playoffs outright. The top two teams in each of the 10 conferences square off to determine who the conference champion will be, and some sportsbooks offer futures markets on what the exact matchup in a conference playoff will be.

It can be hard to keep track of all these playoff and bowl games, and it’s even more difficult to predict who will win between two teams that are both legitimate championship contenders. Don’t forget that BET.CA has all the info you need to stay up to speed throughout the NCAAF season, including recent results, live scores, and upcoming games.

NCAAF Win Totals futures

NCAAF Win Totals futures markets involve wagering on how many wins a certain team will get over the course of the season. Normally, these are listed as an over/under for each team. These markets usually limit wins to regular season play, although some sportsbooks do count wins in playoff and bowl games.

Betting on typical powerhouse teams who have perhaps had a down year can be a solid gamble for these markets. The best teams always rebound strongly, especially because a down year still doesn’t discourage the most promising high school recruits from joining their program – a good program is a good program after all. Keeping an eye on a good team’s offseason moves can be a shrewd way of determining whether or not their projected win total is over or underestimating them.

For example, if Alabama has had a down year in which they only managed nine or 10 wins, their line could be set at 11.5 wins for the following season. If they have new star recruits (as they often do), upping their win total by two or three could be a reasonable prediction and smart bet. After all, they typically win at least 12 regular season games each year, if not more.

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NCAAF Heisman Trophy award futures

The Heisman Trophy is awarded to the most outstanding NCAAF player that season. The futures market on which player will win it is always among the most popular with college football bettors every year. This market is available to bet on both before and during the season, with the odds adjusting depending on how certain players are performing.

The Heisman Trophy winner is determined by a collective of different people, including sports journalists, past winners, and even some fans. Voters are allowed to rank their first, second, and third choice, with first-place votes worth three points, second-place votes worth two, and third-place votes worth one. Once all the ballots have been received, the winner is determined.

The most obvious tip for betting on the Heisman Trophy winner is to keep to quarterbacks. After all, a non-quarterback has only won the award once since the 2010 season. Quarterbacks are often the key player for their team and are constantly under the spotlight when playing for top NCAAF schools like Clemson and LSU. This means the league’s top quarterbacks are inevitably among the frontrunners.

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