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How do NCAAF standings work?

NCAAF Division I teams are ranked in the standings of their respective conference by their win-loss record. These standings are straightforward to read, once you understand what the different columns mean.

College football standings provide useful information to help inform your bets, most obviously how a team has performed over the course of a season. They also highlight specific stats, such as their win-loss record against other teams in their conference or at home or on the road. The following columns are normally included in NCAAF standings:

  • W: The number of matches a team has won.

  • L: The number of matches a team has lost.

  • CONF: A team’s record against the other teams in their conference.

  • HOME: A team’s record in their matches at their home arena.

  • AWAY: A team’s record in matches on the road.

  • PF: The number of points a team has scored.

  • PA: The number of points a team has allowed.

  • STRK: The current number of consecutive wins or losses a team has. For instance, W3 means that a team has won its last three games, while L6 means that a team has lost its last six games.

The top 25 teams in the country are also ranked towards the end of the regular season. These rankings are used to determine which bowl games teams play in during the postseason.

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NCAAF conferences and divisions

College football is split between three divisions – Divisions I, II, and III. The best schools play in Division I, and it is therefore also the division which attracts the most media and betting attention. NCAAF Division I has a total of 130 teams across 10 different conferences. Some of the conferences are also sub-divided into two divisions.

The top five conferences (ACC, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac-12, and SEC) are referred to as the Power Five, whereas the other five (AAC, C-USA, MAC, MW, and SBC) are called the Group of Five. Focusing your NCAAF bets on Power Five schools is often a shrewd strategy, since the top teams in these conferences tend to dominate the lower seeded teams.

Teams within the Group of Five conferences often experience much more parity, meaning wins and losses become much tougher to predict as the talent gap is closer. Depending on its format, either the top two teams in the conference or two division winners compete for its championship. The top four nationally ranked teams progress for the chance to win the College Football Playoff National Championship.

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What are NCAAF team rankings?

NCAAF team rankings refers to the positioning of each team within their own conference’s standings. Towards the end of the regular season, the College Football Playoff selection committee also ranks the top 25 teams in the country to determine which teams will play in which bowl games during the postseason.

Publications and websites also post NCAAF power rankings, which rank teams according to their current form and recent performances. For example, a team that started the season 1-2 but are now on a five-game winning streak may be near the top of the power rankings, even if their 6-2 record is not good enough to lead their conference.

This information can greatly help when placing NCAAF bets, as teams in strong form may be undervalued by sportsbooks against opponents above them in the conference standings. Streaks matter, and a team on hot form can easily beat a team who have had a better season overall.

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