Golf live standings and world rankings

How do golf standings work?

Golf standings are a good resource for bettors wagering on majors that are coming up soon, or live tournaments that are happening right now.

In golf, there are two different types of standings a bettor can look at. You can find a player’s form throughout the season via the FedExCup standings, or see how a player is doing throughout a specific day in a tournament on the event leaderboard.

For instance, if you want to place a futures bet on a player to finish inside the top 10 or win the FedExCup throughout the season, you would need to check the FedExCup standings to see where he stands after each event.

If you are placing a wager on a live tournament like the Masters, you would check the leaderboard for that specific tournament to see where your player is placing.

Read on to learn more about the FedExCup standings, tournament leaderboards, and what they all mean for golf bettors.

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The FedExCup standings

The FedExCup standings is a good resource for golf bettors to look at when finding players who are in form heading into a specific tournament, as it gives you an overview of their season. Golfers earn points based on their finish at each tournament, with an emphasis placed on wins and high finishes.

PGA TOUR events award 500 FedExCup points for a first-place finish, while major events, like the PLAYERS Championship, the Masters, PGA Championship, U.S. Open, and British Open, award 600 points for a first-place finish. As a result, looking at these standings is a smart way to place a wager if you are looking at players to make the cut, finish in the top 10, or outright win a specific tournament, as you can see who has done well throughout the season.

Previous rankings are good indicators of a golfer’s current form, as it shows how many points he has received over a recent round of golf or following a tournament. The FedExCup standings also shows how many events a golfer has played, how many points he has earned, the number of tournaments he has won, and the number of top 10 finishes they have achieved.

At the conclusion of the regular season, the top 125 players in the standings are eligible to play in the playoffs, which is a series of three events over the month of August.

How to read golf leaderboards

One of the easiest things you can do prior to placing a wager on a live golf tournament is to read the leaderboard. The leaderboard consists of each player’s total score, which is always placed beside their name.

Following their total, you can see what hole they are on under Thru. To the right of that, it will show their score for a given round under Round before giving you their strokes for each of the four rounds – often listed as R1, R2, R3, and R4. The final stat on the leaderboard is Strokes, which shows you the player’s total strokes from the tournament.

Here is a brief look at the leaderboard for the top two players at the 2022 Masters tournament:




Round (today)






Schottie Scheffler


18 (F)







Rory McIlroy


18 (F)







In this example, you can see Scheffler edged out McIlroy to win the Masters by three strokes. However, looking at his Round 3 score and comparing it to how he usually plays Augusta, one might have been wise to have placed a top-five finish wager for McIlroy prior to him teeing off on Sunday in Round 4.

It’s the little things you can extract while looking at the leaderboard that will lead to some profitable wagers. For more betting strategies, take a look at our golf page.

Official World Golf Rankings (OWGR)

Throughout the PGA TOUR schedule, you will also see players and pundits refer to the Official World Golf Rankings (OWGR). Whereas the FedExCup standings gives points to those who finish high in tournaments and ultimately win events every season, the OWGR are based on a player’s performance in these tournaments over a rolling two-year period.

A new algorithm for the OWGR has been recently introduced called Strokes Gained World Rating which is based entirely off players’ scores. This means that a player’s score from a more difficult tournament on the PGA TOUR will weigh heavier into their rating than a player who played an event on the DP World Tour or the LIV Golf Tour.

The rankings are based off a player’s average points per tournament, while their total points throughout a season are also listed. Check these rankings to further understand the player you are betting on, and compare their spot in the OWGR from months ago to find recent trends in their game.

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