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How do EPL futures work?

EPL futures allow you to bet on outcomes beyond individual matches, and are often only confirmed once the season is completed, e.g. which team will win the league and which teams will be relegated. This means that if you bet on Manchester City for an EPL winner future, then you are betting on them to finish first in the EPL standings that season.

EPL futures can apply to both teams and players and are often available to bet on both before and during a season. As a result, the odds for EPL futures can change massively over the course of the season. There are several things that can affect them, including a team or player’s form, transfers, injuries, suspensions, and even who other bettors are choosing. When betting on them, it’s important to consider if you feel the odds give you good value.

For instance, let’s imagine that Liverpool were pre-season favorites to win the EPL with odds of -200, but after a disappointing start their odds have lengthened to +900. If you’re confident Liverpool will still win the Premier League, you may get better value by betting on them then instead of waiting to see if their form improves, thereby potentially allowing their odds to shorten. You need to judge when you feel is the best time to place your bet.

There are tons of popular EPL futures that sportsbooks offer, many of which are covered in greater detail below.

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Popular EPL futures

EPL winner futures

Premier League Winner futures offer odds on the 20 teams to win the EPL that season. While the favorites for this market may change every year, they tend to include the teams often referred to as the “Big Six” (Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, and Tottenham Hotspur). This can be a tough market to find value in, but there are still tips that can help when betting on EPL winner futures. Start by looking at which team you feel has the best squad and coach, as a successful EPL campaign often requires teams to call upon reliable depth, particularly during the busier periods of the season.

You should also look at the transfers each of the favorites have made since the previous season and assess whether this is likely to significantly improve or worsen their squad. If a team failed to win the EPL last season because they conceded too many goals and they have since signed high-quality defenders, they may be worth considering this time around. Alternatively, you can wait until after the season has started in order to get a greater idea of how a team might perform before placing your bet – although remember, this can affect the value you get from the odds.

In the last five seasons, Manchester City have won the EPL four times (2017-18, 2018-19, 2020-21, and 2021-22), while Liverpool (2019-20) have won it once.

EPL relegation futures

EPL relegation futures offer odds on teams to be relegated from the Premier League that season. Sportsbooks often allow you to bet on either whether a certain team will be relegated, or precisely which three teams will be relegated.

The favorites for this market tend to include a combination of the teams who are newly promoted from the Championship and teams which only just avoided relegation in the previous season. Betting on relegation futures therefore requires you to assess which are the weakest teams in the EPL, and who will likely struggle to win matches throughout the season.

A straightforward way of informing your bets for this is to compare the quality of the teams who have been promoted against the teams who were nearly relegated and decide which three are the worst among this group.

Teams who were newly promoted from the Championship the previous season are also sometimes among the favorites for this market, as they may be vulnerable to what is described as “second season syndrome”. This happens when a newly promoted team performs better than expected in their first season in the EPL, but then fails to maintain that form in their second.

EPL Golden Boot winner futures

Looking to bet on who will be the top scorer in the EPL that season? You’ll need Golden Boot Winner futures odds. The favorites for this market include players with an established track record of scoring lots of goals in the EPL, as well as any world-class forwards that teams may have signed from other leagues.

When betting on a player for this market, always review their injury record. Strikers will naturally have a better chance of scoring more goals if they play more matches. You should also check whether they are the main penalty taker for their team and how many penalties their team tends to get, as this could provide them with a reliable source of goals. It's also important to check whether the sportsbook has any specific rules. For instance, most sportsbooks will pay out if your player jointly wins the Golden Boot with another, whereas others may require the player you bet on to win the Golden Boot outright.

Recent EPL Golden Boot winners include Mohamed Salah and Son Heung-Min (joint winners in 2021-22), Harry Kane (2020-21), and Jamie Vardy (2019-20).

EPL top 4 futures

EPL top four futures offer odds on teams to finish in the top four of the Premier League that season. The teams that finish in first to fourth in an EPL season qualify for the following season’s UEFA Champions League, so this is often regarded as a minimum aim for the league’s stronger teams.

Sportsbooks will likely rank teams for this market in the same order as for their EPL winner futures, albeit with shorter odds as finishing in the top four is more achievable than winning the league. While the odds may be shorter, there is arguably greater opportunity for value here compared to betting on the EPL winner, as an underdog exceeding expectations to finish in the top four is more likely than an underdog winning the league.

Your bets therefore need to consider whether you agree with the sportsbook that a certain team is among the best four in the EPL or not. The race for the top four in the EPL often goes on until the final round of games, so this can be an exciting market to bet on.

In the 2021-22 EPL season, the top four was Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, and Tottenham Hotspur.

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EPL awards futures

You can also bet on futures for certain awards linked to the EPL. At the end of the season, the EPL gives out awards for Player of the Season (the best player in the EPL that season) and Young Player of the Season (the best player aged 23 years old or younger). The Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA) also gives out a Team of the Year award for that season’s EPL.

The favorites for these markets tend to include players considered to be among the best in their position in the EPL and players who are deemed to have had a significant role in their team either winning the EPL or exceeding expectations.

For the 2021-22 EPL season, Man City’s Kevin De Bruyne won the Player of the Year award, while his teammate Phil Foden won the Young Player of the Year award.

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