EPL live scores and schedule

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EPL live scores

A popular aspect of EPL (English Premier League) betting is in-game betting, which means betting on EPL matches as they are being played. To do this, you need to access the latest live scores in the EPL, which you can do with BET.CA on this page.

With EPL live betting, as it’s also known, you can bet on the same markets that were available pregame, e.g. moneyline, total or over/under goals, point spread/handicap etc.

However, the big difference is that live odds can significantly change at short notice depending on if certain things happen, such as a goal being scored or a player being sent off, as well as how far into the match this takes place. This means there is extra incentive get the best value for your odds by placing your bets at the right time.

You can also use EPL live scores to see what is happening in any matches being played at the same time as the fixture you have bet on and decide if any of those are also worth betting on, or if they have had an impact on any EPL futures bets you have placed.

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Upcoming EPL matchups

You can see all the upcoming matches in the EPL as well as the latest odds for them from reviewed and approved sportsbooks with BET.CA on this page.

There are 20 teams in the EPL, meaning each round of fixtures has 10 matches. Every team in the EPL plays 38 matches over the course of the season – one at home and one on the road against each of the other 19 teams in the league. This means there are 380 matches in total in an EPL season. For most of the season, there is normally one round of EPL fixtures every week between Friday and Monday, although there are occasionally midweek matches between Tuesday and Thursday.

The EPL pauses during the season for international soccer breaks and weekends when a majority of EPL teams have FA Cup matches. During the 2022-23 season, it will also take an extended break between November 14 and December 25 for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

It's important to review a team’s upcoming matches to help your EPL betting. For instance, if a team has what is considered an easy fixture followed by a much harder one a few days later, they may rotate their team and certain players might not play in the former. If a team also has a particularly easy or hard series of matches coming up, this may have a big impact on their odds to win the EPL, secure a sport in Europe’s big competitions for the following season, or avoid relegation.

Why track the latest EPL results?

You can see all of the latest scores and results in the EPL for this season with BET.CA on this page.

Unlike other sports that are popular in Canada, EPL fixtures and results are listed with the home team first. This means that if you were to see the scoreline Manchester United 3–1 Liverpool, Manchester United were the home team and they won the match by scoring three goals to Liverpool’s one. Similarly, EPL matches can finish as a tie (or “draw”) and do not go into overtime. If you see a result listed as 0-0, 1-1, 2-2 etc., this was the final score and both teams received one point for tying the match.

It’s vital to look at a team’s recent results when betting on the EPL, especially to see if they‘ve had strong or weak form either at home or on the road. Their latest results will also show how many goals they‘ve been scoring and conceding, as well as how certain players are performing. Remember that if you feel a team’s recent results suggest that they have been over or undervalued for a match or market by a sportsbook, then this may present a chance to take advantage of their odds.

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