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What are EPL stats?

There are lots of stats you can use to inform your EPL betting and learn about how a team is performing. Some of the most common are:

  • Points: The 20 EPL teams are ranked in the standings by how many points they have won over the course of the season. For every match they play, a team gets three points for a win, one point for a draw/tie, and zero points for a loss. Comparing two teams’ points can give you a quick indication as to which one has performed better that season. Listen out for what is referred to as the “40-point mark” – 40 points is traditionally considered to be the minimum number of points a team needs in order to avoid relegation.

  • Wins and defeats: If you’re trying to determine how good an EPL team has been that season, start by checking how many matches they’ve won and lost. A team’s position in the EPL league standings is largely dependent on how many matches they win, particularly as one win rewards the same number of points as three ties. Naturally, a team that loses the majority of its matches will likely find themselves attempting to avoid relegation.

  • Games played: The EPL league table lists how many games each of the 20 teams have played. Remember that there are 38 games per team in an EPL season, so you can use this stat to determine how much of the current season has been played. This is important for EPL futures betting, e.g. if a team are seven points clear in first, it’s more likely that they will win the EPL from that position with 10 games remaining as opposed to 20.

  • Goals for: In the EPL league table, the “goals for” column lists how many goals a team has scored that season. How many goals a team has scored can offer insight into both their style of play and how good their attack is. For example, if a team is near the top of the EPL but has scored fewer goals than the teams around them in the table, this may suggest that either they use a defensive approach to try and win matches or their forwards are in poor form.

  • Goals against: The “goals against” column in the EPL league table lists how many goals a team has conceded that season, and therefore offers an indication of how strong they are defensively. Naturally, a team that concedes lots of goals will struggle to win matches and therefore probably find themselves near the bottom of the league table. Along with goals for, you can use a team’s goals against stat to inform bets such as total or over/under goals, point spread or handicap, and both teams to score.

  • Goal difference: Goal difference can be simply defined as goals scored minus goals conceded. If a team’s goal difference is listed with a + symbol, they have scored more goals then they have conceded by that number. If it’s listed with a - symbol, then they have conceded more than they have scored by that number. A team’s goal difference can offer insight into their performances, e.g. if a team has won more matches than they have lost but has a negative goal difference, this suggests that they have won matches by a small margin and lost matches by a large margin.

  • Form: A team’s form lists their recent results, typically over their last five matches. When reviewing a team’s performances, it’s equally important to consider their form as well as their place in the league standings. You may feel confident about betting on a team because they are top of the EPL league table, but less so if you learn that they have failed to win any of their last five matches. Form is often divided into home form and away form – notably, Manchester United recorded a 29-game unbeaten run away from home in the EPL from January 2020 to October 2021, but did not fare so well at Old Trafford during the same period.

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EPL stat leaders

EPL stat leaders track the performance of the most impactful metrics in a game. They can be used to inform your predictions for both matches and player-based EPL futures. EPL stat leaders to look out for every season include:

  • Top goalscorer: This is the player who has scored the most goals in the EPL that season. Players in contention to be top goalscorer are worth considering for match goalscorer and EPL Golden Boot markets.

  • Most assists: In soccer, the assist goes to the player who delivers the ball (whether via a pass, cross, or header) to a player who then scores a goal. Players who get lots of assists are useful for any team, as without them, even if a team that has good forwards, a team may struggle to score goals.

  • Most clean sheets: If a team does not concede a goal in a match, the team (and its goalkeeper) are said to have kept a ‘clean sheet’. It goes without saying that teams that are good at shutting the opposition out typically win more than they lose.

  • Penalty stats: It’s useful to check which teams get the most penalties and what percentage of their penalties each team scores. Players who are good at scoring penalties and goalkeepers who are good at saving them are equally valuable for a team to have, as often they can have a large role in determining the outcome of a match.

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