Amex sports betting sites in Canada

How to use Amex on betting sites

Available in Canada since all the way back in 1853, American Express (commonly referred to Amex) is best known for their payment card services. Today, it is one of the most popular card providers in the country, thanks to the numerous perks they offer.

As a service used by an estimated 115 million people worldwide and accepted by over 90,000 businesses in Canada, it isn’t a surprise that sportsbooks have begun allowing bettors to use it for depositing funds to their account. With quick and easy transactions backed up by strong customer service measures, there are plenty of reasons to take them up on that offer.

Pros and cons of using Amex


Unmatched industry experience: As a service that has been operating for well over a century, Amex truly understand what is required to offer an easy-to-use and reliable payment method. You can use their services with confidence that they are experts in the financial sector.

✅ Strong customer service: One of the reasons Amex has remained popular for so long is that they’re revered for their outstanding customer support. If you encounter difficulties with a transaction related to your sportsbook account, you can be rest assured that their helpful and friendly team will assist you in resolving them.

✅ Fast transaction speed: Deposits made using Amex typically clear very quickly, sometimes even immediately, meaning you won’t be left waiting long to get betting with your newly deposited funds.

✅ Points and rewards: Amex members can earn points and rewards when they make purchases and deposits. While you should check if deposits with your chosen sportsbook(s) would be eligible, there’s a possibility you’ll be able to boost your points simply by depositing into your account.


Limited availability: At present, Amex is not yet accepted at all major sportsbooks available to Canadian bettors. While they are reportedly in the process of increasing their presence in the country, it is not yet known how far this will extend into the sports betting industry.

Hard to keep gambling separate: Unlike some payment methods, Amex do not offer the functionality to keep your betting activity distinct from other types of spending when using their services, which it can make more difficult to track how much you’re wagering.

Using Amex on mobile

Amex has a free-to-download mobile app available for both iOS and Android. You can use the app to review your purchases and deposits, contact their customer support team 24/7, and claim rewards and special offers. Here’s how to set up the Amex app on mobile:

  1. Download the Amex app from your mobile device’s app store

  2. Enter your existing Amex details to log in, or follow the steps to create a new account if you don’t already have one

  3. Follow the instructions to set up your Amex card(s) on the app

  4. Complete any remaining verification checks that are required

While you don’t need to download the Amex app to make sportsbook deposits via Amex on mobile, it is useful to have if you frequently use their services.

Depositing to BetMGM on mobile with Amex

Depositing to a sports betting site with Amex on mobile is straightforward. As an example, here is how to deposit to your BetMGM account with Amex on mobile:

  1. Visit the deposit page on BetMGM

  2. Select Amex among the list of deposit options

  3. Enter your Amex card and account details

  4. Enter the amount you want to deposit

  5. Select the ‘Deposit’ button underneath

  6. Complete any verification checks that are required

  7. Enjoy betting with your newly deposited funds!

Why should you use Amex for betting?

Amex offers a range of different cards available at several Canadian banks, including everything from prepaid options to credit cards. However, what is consistent is the reliable and secure experience that using Amex offers, with exceptional customer service and perks on top.

More specifically for bettors in Canada, the fast processing times and reliable security measures means depositing to your sportsbook account via Amex is a consistently hassle-free process. Put simply, if you want to put your sports betting transactions in reliable hands, Amex are among the best options to consider.

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