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How to use eCheck on betting sites

Today, most banks (as well as some e-wallet services) in Canada allow you to send an electronic version of a check. This is most commonly known as an eCheck, but is also occasionally referred to as an electronic funds transfer or EFT. eCheck has been widely used since the early 2000s and has increasingly been accepted by sportsbooks and betting sites as a deposit method in recent years.

Using eCheck is very similar to issuing a physical check, except you don’t need to send an actual piece of paper anywhere. While the process differs behind the scenes, at the bettor’s end it is similar to using a credit card online or sending a wire transfer.

Pros and cons of using eCheck


Quicker transaction speed: Using eCheck is much faster than issuing a physical check, as you don’t need to wait for the check to reach its destination in another part of the country.

Top-level safety and security: eCheck automatically comes with additional security features, including authentication and encryption measures, that help ensure your money is protected at all times.

✅ Widespread availability: In the same way that virtually anyone can receive and cash a physical check, the vast majority of sportsbooks and betting sites are capable of handling eCheck. Better yet, an increasing number of them are taking advantage of that fact by offering eCheck as a payment option.

✅ Impossible to lose or misplace: Sending or receiving money using eCheck removes the risk of a physical check being lost in transit or intercepted while it’s en route, greatly reducing the fraud risks involved.

✅ No need to download anything: If you have a bank account and use online banking, you will likely already have everything you need to issue an eCheck. There is no additional software to download, nor products to become familiar with.


Sharing of banking information: Even when using safe and honest sportsbooks, some bettors may understandably feel uneasy about sharing detailed personal financial information with betting sites, which using eCheck requires you to do.

Difficult to keep gambling separate: As eChecks are closely tied with your bank account, they do not offer the functionality to monitor your gambling transactions separately from other types of spending, which may be inconvenient for some bettors.

Using eCheck on mobile

Issuing an eCheck doesn’t require you to download any additional apps or software. All you’ll need is relevant information about your bank or e-wallet service. With that in mind, it may be helpful to have access to the mobile app for your bank or e-wallet if there is one available. To get set up on their app, simply do the following:

  1. Download your bank or e-wallet’s app from your mobile device’s app store

  2. Log in to your account using your existing online banking credentials

  3. Make a note of any relevant account details that you might need to issue an eCheck

  4. Use your account to track the progress of any payments made using eCheck

With nothing else to download, it’s very easy to start using eCheck at your sportsbook(s) of choice.

Depositing to FanDuel on mobile with eCheck

As an example, here is how to deposit to your FanDuel account via eCheck on mobile:

  1. Click the account button in the bottom right corner and then the ‘Deposit’ button

  2. Select eCheck from the list of payment options

  3. Enter the amount of money you want to deposit

  4. Provide the information requested and complete any verification checks

  5. Issue the eCheck to complete the transaction and transfer your cash

  6. Enjoy betting with your newly deposited funds!

Why should you use eCheck for betting?

eCheck provides a fast, convenient, and safe method for depositing to sportsbooks, as well as an undoubted upgrade on their paper equivalent. They are easy to use and straightforward to set up, and come with advantages and features that will be familiar to bettors that use online payments and/or e-wallet services on a regular basis.

For bettors who want to deposit with sportsbooks via their existing bank account(s) and would rather avoid having to dedicate time to learning the ins and outs of payment methods that are entirely new to them, eCheck is a ready and reliable solution.

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