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How to use MuchBetter on betting sites

Founded in 2016, MuchBetter is an e-wallet service that prioritizes the mobile experience, with financial transactions approved using dedicated apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android. It is designed to let you store, send, and move money securely and quickly, and has wasted no time in establishing a reputation with bettors in Canada by winning numerous awards, including the Mobile Payment Solution of the Year Award at the 2021 SBC Awards.

If you’ve ever used PayPal or online banking on your smartphone or tablet, the experience offered by MuchBetter will feel very familiar and comes with plenty of features suited to bettors.

Pros and cons of using MuchBetter


Complete e-wallet service: MuchBetter is more than just an app; it’s a fully-fledged e-wallet service that you can manage right from your smartphone. Their features make it easy to manage and track your spending, while protecting your money with safety measures including device pairing, touch ID, and dynamic security codes.

Easy to keep gambling separate: For various reasons, some bettors like to keep their sportsbook transactions separately tracked from other forms of online spending. MuchBetter makes it very easy to do just that, as you can simply top up your account as and when you need additional funds.

Rapid transaction speed: As MuchBetter is built on the electronic transfer of funds, transactions are completed very quickly (sometimes even immediately), without compromising on the safety or security of your money.

Mobile-focused design: With dedicated apps for account management, it’s clear that MuchBetter believes that smartphones and tablets are central to the future of finance. If you tend to visit your betting sites of choice on such devices, it is therefore a helpful option for managing your sportsbook transactions.


Limited availability: MuchBetter is still a relatively new service and doesn’t yet have the same cachet as other more established e-wallet services such as PayPal. As such, it isn’t yet available for use at every Canadian sportsbook, although the range of betting sites that do offer it has notably increased in recent years.

Fees on some transactions: To cover processing costs, some types of MuchBetter money transfers do incur charges for end users. Even though these fees are low, that may be understandably off-putting for some bettors.

Using MuchBetter on mobile

As a service specifically tailored for mobile (trying to sign up for an account on their main site will direct you right to the relevant app store for you via a QR code), it isn’t a surprise that MuchBetter has a free to download app for both iOS and Android. To get set up on it, you must do the following:

  1. Download the MuchBetter app from your mobile device’s app store

  2. Create a new account by following the in-app instructions and providing the requested personal information

  3. Load your MuchBetter account with funds using a payment card or bank transfer

  4. Get ready to use your MuchBetter account at Canadian sportsbooks

Once armed with the MuchBetter app and your account, you’ll be ready to use MuchBetter to make deposits to your betting account via mobile.

Depositing to Sports Interaction on mobile with MuchBetter

As an example, here is how to deposit to your Sports Interaction account via MuchBetter on mobile:

  1. Select the green ‘Deposit’ button at the top of the screen

  2. Select MuchBetter in the list of payment methods

  3. Enter the amount of money you want to deposit using MuchBetter

  4. Initiate the transfer by entering your details then approve it using MuchBetter

  5. Your money will arrive in your betting account shortly afterwards

Why should you use MuchBetter for betting?

While MuchBetter offers a range of payment solutions, including contactless key fobs and branded Mastercard products (not currently available in Canada), it’s their core mobile offering that the typical Canadian bettor will find most attractive. Initiating and approving transfers with sportsbooks is a breeze, while the e-wallet functionality offers an additional layer of protection compared to using online banking or a credit or debit card.

As a result, if most of your time spent at sportsbooks is on mobile, MuchBetter is an instantly well-tailored option for overseeing your betting transactions that can transfer your funds in a quick and safe manner.

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