Mastercard sports betting sites in Canada

How to use Mastercard on betting sites

If you’re in Canada, you’ll have almost definitely heard of Mastercard. Just short of 60 years on from its launch, it is the most popular credit card option in the country, with 76.2 million Mastercard (and Visa) cards reportedly in circulation in Canada as of 2022.

Using Mastercard at sportsbooks has also been on the rise in recent years, courtesy of its widespread availability and ability to make simple, speedy, and safe deposits. As a service available on both desktop and mobile and with a variety of different cards, there are plenty of reasons to make Mastercard your payment method of choice for sports betting transactions.

Pros and cons of using Mastercard


Unrivalled availability: It isn’t easy to find a business in Canada that doesn’t take Mastercard. More importantly, if a sports betting site accepts credit or debit cards as a payment method, more often than not these will include Mastercard.

Reliable safety and security: Mastercard’s security measures are stringent and extensive, and actively help to protect your money. They also offer strong customer authentication and identity check features, meaning they’ll only allow your sportsbook transaction to go through if they’re certain you’re the one making it.

Fast transaction speed: Deposits made using Mastercard usually transfer quickly, and sometimes immediately. If you make a deposit to a sportsbook via Mastercard, you shouldn’t have to wait long to get betting with your funds.

Strong reputation: Mastercard has been available in Canada for several decades, during which time it has developed a reputation for offering strong customer service measures and constant improvements to its products to ensure they remain quick and easy to use.


Tricky to keep gambling separate: Unlike some payment methods, you can’t separate your betting activity from other types of spending when using Mastercard. This means it can be more time-consuming to work out exactly how much you’ve recently deposited at sports betting sites.

Need to monitor credit limit: While you should absolutely never wager beyond your means, this particularly applies when using a credit card service like Mastercard. Depositing more than you can afford via Mastercard can have a negative impact on your credit limit, which can be difficult to reverse.

Using Mastercard on mobile

While Mastercard does not have a dedicated mobile app, you can still use the service to make and track transactions on your phone. You will also likely be able to review your recent Mastercard transactions via your bank’s mobile app. To do so, you must do the following:

  1. Download your bank’s app from your mobile device’s app store

  2. Log in using your existing online banking credentials, or sign up for online banking with it if you haven’t already

  3. Follow the instructions to link your Mastercard card(s) to the app

  4. Use your banking app to approve payments if necessary and check the progress of sportsbook transactions made via Mastercard

Depositing to Betway on mobile with Mastercard

Depositing to a sports betting site with Mastercard on mobile is straightforward. As an example, here is how to deposit to your Betway account with Mastercard on mobile:

  1. Select the Deposit button on the Betway mobile app or site

  2. Choose Visa/Mastercard as the payment method you want to use

  3. Enter the amount that you want to deposit

  4. Enter your card and account details if necessary

  5. Complete any further verification checks that are required

  6. Enjoy betting with your newly deposited funds!

Why should you use Mastercard for betting?

Put simply, Mastercard is a top-of-the-line card service. They offer various types of cards, including credit and debit through to prepaid alternatives, with options that are extremely convenient, safer than bank transfers, and most importantly, supported by most top Canadian betting sites.

Mastercard is also known for great customer service, meaning you can have confidence that any issues you encounter with sportsbook transactions will be easily and helpfully dealt with. With fast transfers and complete mobile optimization also on hand, using Mastercard for depositing to sports betting sites is an undoubtedly easy and reliable option.

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